Dear students, future fellow IT professionals!

Allow me to present you our Bachelor and Master study programmes in Applied Computer Engineering, Multimedia Computing and Digital Marketing so you can choose your educational institution as well as your career on the basis of key facts and reach a decision of quality. I am doing this mainly because I know that only a few decisions can have such deep and far-reaching consequences as the decision on your career and thus your future position in life.

By recognizing computer engineering and IT as the most competitive export sector of today which has been experiencing a large growth in revenues and number of employees both in the Republic of Croatia as well as in the rest of the world, you are headed in the right direction. In other words, choosing a career in a propulsive and growing industry can put the wind in your sails.

Our educational programs in the field of computer engineering are focused on the acquisition of practical and applicable knowledge required by the IT industry of today and aim to develop readiness for learning and continual adoption of new knowledge. Furthermore, the knowledge in question is confirmed by the international IT certification which has been carefully incorporated in our curriculum in order to ensure high visibility within the profession and high employability for each graduating engineer. By accepting the certification and the newest technology as our guidelines, we have consciously taken the obligation to constantly upgrade and adjust our courses and educational program with the demands of the industry. However, this is not about a race with technology. This is about identifying and predicting global technological and business trends which have shaped this educational program and will continue to do so in the future.

I invite you to visit our website and see what makes us special; how our educational program, teachers, practical experts and international certifications have managed to form a top professional educational institution with no parallel in the educational space of the Republic of Croatia.

In the end, it does make a difference which career you choose and where you develop it. Allow us, therefore, to carry you towards the digital future.

Mislav Balković, PhD

Dean of Algebra University College