Our Academic Partners

Algebra University College is a member of the most renowned academic IT initiatives

Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDN AA)

In order to improve and simplify studying for our students, we became involved with this program which offers numerous advantages through DreamSpark, such as free official studying materials and latest software solutions.

IBM Academic Initiative

IBM Academic Initiative

Within this program both we and our students receive access to advanced software and IBM development platforms as well as to all educational materials offered by IBM as a part of this program.

CISCO Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy is an innovative global initiative that provides students with knowledge and skills in the field of information and communication technologies and was launched and supported by Cisco Systems.

Microsoft Imagine Academy

Microsoft IT Academy is a global IT educational program designed to help schools in order to ensure the success of its students and teachers.
Program provides access to the latest resources in education through Microsoft technologies.

Oracle Academic Initiative

Oracle Academy

We joined the program in its advanced version “Advanced Computer Science” in order to provide its students access to the latest Oracle software as well as implement a part of its curriculum through the use of official Oracle teaching materials especially developed for academic instruction.

EMC Academic Alliance


Through this partnership, our students receive the opportunity to introduce themselves to new trends in the field of information infrastructure development, especially in areas such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Information and Storage Management and virtualization using EMC teaching materials.

RedHat Academy

Red Hat® Academy turns academic institutions into centers for enterprise-ready talent by outfitting them with Red Hat Training. This comes in the form of hands-on instruction, curriculum, labs, performance-based testing, and instructor support.

VMware Academic Program (VMAP)

Based on strategic cooperation agreement between Algebra University College and Griffith College Dublin, we enabled our present and future computer engineering and multimedia students to make use of student mobility and study at two locations with the possibility of obtaining Croatian and Irish undergraduate diplomas in the field of computer engineering. This is a way of studying that implements all benefits of the Bologna process through student mobility which is very widespread abroad.

Tableau Academic Program

Our Data Science and Digital marketing students and teachers are supported to use Tableau Desktop for free.

Fortinet Network Security Academy (FNSA)

FNSA was created to address the international shortage of cybersecurity experts and to build a workforce skilled in all aspects of network security platform who will be recognized in the industry among an elite group of security professionals.