Our Campus

Since September 2009, the Algebra University College has been located at the premises of the University campus in Ilica 242 in Zagreb, entrance from Domobranska Street. The University College is today located in a superbly renovated and equipped building from the early 20th century where the contrast between new technologies and old restored buildings creates a stimulating and dynamic environment. With over 2000 square meters of space currently available, the Algebra University College seeks to raise the standards of equipment and design of professional higher education institutions in Croatia. Today, the following facilities are available to students:

VU-Algebra-dan_otvorenih_vrata_04• Five conference auditoriums with 50 – 75 seats equipped with air-conditioning, conference sound system and video conferencing equipment which can be used in order to attend classes via Internet as well as to enable virtual presence of foreign lecturers.
• Two air-conditioned, specially equipped laboratory for network technologies with 22 workstations for students. Apart from a PC, each workstation is equipped with a number of components of Cisco and other vendors networking equipment for all levels of education in network technologies (from CCNA to CCNP, Wireless…).
• Seven air-conditioned, specially equipped laboratories for computing technologies with 18 – 26 workstations for students. Each workstation is equipped with a PC installed with the latest software development packages and operating systems. For each individual course a special work environment has been prepared and installed and its easy modification and preparation for other courses is supported through virtualization technology.

• Three student classrooms with 14 – 35 seats which are fully equipped with web conferencing system.
• Internal library with more than one thousand leading books on the field of computing and information science, digital marketing and business. Library is also available to students as a place for work and study.
• Spacious lounge area for rest, relaxation and refreshment equipped with modern and comfortable furniture, coffee machine and provided with Internet access.
• Multifunctional student room equipped with 18 workstations with computers and Internet access.

• Multifunctional Laboratory equipped with 8 workstations with computers, audio and video equipment, 3D printers and Internet access. Stated infrastructure is exclusively available to students and their extracurricular activities.
• Demonstrational server room with numerous equipment supporting private cloud for students and their activities within University College Algebra.

• Library system of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) which consists of its Central Library, twelve departmental libraries and a small collection of books of the Information Support Centre. All of these resources are available to our students on the basis of the cooperation agreement concluded with FER.
• Rooms for the accommodation of students and teachers with bathrooms. Rooms are air-conditioned, furnished and provide a high-quality place for work and stay.

The image shows a plan of buildings 6 and 6a which are linked together as well as all marked classrooms and auditoriums. Offices for teachers and premises of individual departments of the University College are partially located on the ground floor and in the basement as well as on the first and second floor of the building. One computer classroom is located on the ground floor of building 4 are not depicted on the plan.

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