Our other education programs

Algebra education group provides education in various fields and for various users. Each group of education can be found here:

Algebra College provides various forms of adult education, from short term one-day seminars to verified education programs as bases for obtaining qualifications, and operates in thirty Croatian cities. In addition to the implementation of education, Algebra College implements and develops solutions for e-learning and is an authorized center for a number of international certification exams.

Preparations for national secondary school leaving examinations are available in a number of Croatian cities and are carried out in various cycles, from early fall to late spring. Pre-prepared packages are available for particular groups of faculties as well as preparations for certain subjects taken at the national secondary school leaving examination or entrance exams conducted by individual faculties.

In countries like Finland, 50% of student population uses some kind of additional support to learning during their education. In Croatia, additional classes are often taken only by less successful students, usually before the exams. Algebra conducts individual and group additional classes using specially developed methods through continuous work and adjusted approach in order to provide excellent results in the adoption of secondary school curriculum for particular key subjects.