Our partners

Algebra University College is a member of the most renowned academic IT initiatives

Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDN AA)

The curriculum of the study program in applied computer engineering includes, among others, Microsoft industrial certifications which are highly valued and sought-after in the labor market. In order to improve and simplify studying for our students, we became involved with MSDN academic program which offers numerous advantages through DreamSpark, such as free official studying materials and latest software solutions.

IBM Academic Initiative

IBM Academic Initiative

IBM Croatia and Algebra University College have signed an agreement regarding the accession of the University College to the IBM academic initiative under which the University College and its students receive access to advanced software and IBM development platforms as well as to all educational materials offered by IBM as a part of this program.

CISCO Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy is an innovative global initiative that provides students with knowledge and skills in the field of information and communication technologies and was launched and supported by Cisco Systems. Today, the program includes more than 12,000 academies in more than 165 countries around the world (more than 2 million students across the world since 1997). Cisco Networking Academy educational programs are designed with the intention of offering students knowledge and skills needed to design, develop and maintain computer networks. In addition to basic knowledge about computer networks, students can learn about more demanding programs and specialize in particular segments of network technologies (security of network systems, work with wireless networks, etc.).

Microsoft IT Academy

Microsoft IT Academy is a global IT educational program designed to help schools in order to ensure the success of its students and teachers.
Access to the latest resources in education through Microsoft technologies makes it easy for teachers to prepare students for the labor market with a large demand for Microsoft technologies.

Oracle Academic Initiative

Oracle Academy

Oracle globally implements the Oracle Academy Initiative program which gathers 665,000 students and thousands of experts and scientists from 86 countries worldwide. Algebra University College joined the program in its advanced version “Advanced Computer Science” in order to provide its students access to the latest Oracle software as well as implement a part of its curriculum through the use of official Oracle teaching materials especially developed for academic instruction. Since the Oracle technologies are being used and studied in a number of courses held at the University College, students can achieve competitive advantage in the Croatian IT market where Oracle technologies occupy a significant part of the market shares.

EMC Academic Alliance


EMC Academic Alliance program is the basis for cooperation between numerous universities and professional higher education institutions worldwide and EMC, one of the leading global companies in the field of information infrastructure development whose products and services represent the basis for the operation of many companies. Through this partnership, our students will receive the opportunity to introduce themselves to new trends in the field of information infrastructure development, especially in areas such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Information and Storage Management and virtualization using teaching materials, exercises and examples developed by EMC team experts with the help of academic partners from all over the world. These are vendor neutral materials and education programs which bring students closer to concepts and technological solutions that stand behind a series of commercial solutions offered by a number of manufacturers in this fast growing field of IT. Educational contents and technologies available through this partnership represent primarily a foundation for graduate courses such as: The Future of IT Infrastructure Development and Redundancy of IT Services and Applications, in order to ensure that future professional specialists in computer engineering who opt for specializing in the field of IT infrastructure or computer security have access to the latest technological achievements and applied scientific knowledge.

Algebra University College cooperates with renowned higher education institutions

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb

Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva logotip

The aim of this partnership is to improve the standard of students and to promote initiatives in the field of educating computer engineers that are of interest to both institutions. Since the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing as well as Algebra University College both conduct research and educational activities in the field of computer engineering, the representatives of these institutions have recognized specific compatible areas in which it is possible to establish and expand cooperation to the benefit of teachers and students. So far, the partnership has resulted in the development of the educational program “Computing technician” for secondary vocational schools in the Republic of Croatia (financed by IPA program) and students, teachers and other employees have been given the opportunity to use all resources of the central FER library.

Griffith college Dublin

Based on strategic cooperation agreement between Algebra University College and Griffith College Dublin, we enabled our present and future computer engineering and multimedia students to make use of student mobility and study at two locations with the possibility of obtaining Croatian and Irish undergraduate diplomas in the field of computer engineering. This is a way of studying that implements all benefits of the Bologna process through student mobility which is very widespread abroad.

Polytechnic of Međimurje, Čakovec

The aim of this partnership is to promote the development of computer engineering and collaborate on projects of mutual interest. In this regards, the Algebra University College offered its support as editor of the Journal of the Polytechnic of Međimurje http://hrcak.srce.hr/zbornikmev) and enabled the use of a part of its professional literature in order to contribute to the teaching quality at MEV.

College for Management in Tourism and Informatics in Virovitica

The aim of this partnership is to promote the development of both institutions with special emphasis on the mobility of students and teachers, development of study programs within the field of both institutions and initiation of joint activities in regard to full affirmation of scientific and research activities. In addition, throughout the partnership, the institutions cooperate on joint organization of conferences and publishing as well as on the implementation of lifelong learning projects. Even before their formal contract was signed, both parties collaborated on the implementation of projects of lifelong learning and plan to develop the field of information technologies and computer engineering through joint programs within the ESF program.

Catholic University of Croatia

Hrvatsko Katoličko Sveučilište

Catholic University of Croatia and Algebra University College have signed an agreement for the purpose of mutual cooperation in the organization and implementation of educational and scientific work, improvement of the standard of students enrolled at both institutions and promotion of initiatives of mutual interest. The cooperation which is the subject of this agreement refers to:
• Exchange of experience in the organization and implementation of teaching activities,
• Exchange of experience in the establishment of quality assurance systems,
• Use of mutual resources available on the University campus for students of both institutions,
• Joint participation in EU projects in order to develop additional infrastructure and improve general studying and working conditions within the University campus,
• Other activities of mutual interest.

Algebra University College is a member of important international and national associations

Croatian Information Technology Association

Algebra University College is a member of the Croatian Information Technology Association (CITA), independent professional umbrella association of institutions and individuals interested in the development, promotion and improvement of the use of information and other related technologies in the Republic of Croatia. CITA is a member of CEPIS, IFIP, IT-Star and ECDL Foundation. The cooperation with CITA started back in 2006 when Algebra group took over the implementation of EUCIO international education program and developed a certification system in accordance with international CEPIS methodology. The experience of introducing CEPIS program helped to establish the University College and guidelines for the educational program set within the EUCIP methodology are firmly embedded in the foundations of its study program. Through collaboration with CEPIS and CITA membership, Algebra University College obtained the ability to continuously monitor the development of the ICT profession and the recommended framework of competences for ICT occupations (Competences Frameworks).

Croatian Employers’ Association – CEA

Hrvatska udruga poslodavaca HUP logotip

Algebra University College is a member of the Croatian Employers’ Association, with the University College Dean currently serving as the president of its branch association of employers in education (CEA – Education Association) and the president of the Managing Board serving as the vice president of the branch association of employers in ICT industry (CEA – ICT Association). CEA – Education Association formalizes and horizontally links people and activities in the field of education and CEA incorporates representatives of all branch associations as members of its Council making it a place for discussion on broader strategic issues in the field of education policy. Through the Council of Members and CEA – Education Association, at the level of all economic sectors and educational levels, the Employers’ Association as a social partner considers the issues of educational system development and integrates existing and future activities of employers when it comes to developing qualification networks, proposing enrolment quotas, preparing bases for financing from EU structural funds, development of national educational strategies and new curricula, etc. CEA is involved in the European umbrella association of employers (Business Europe) – http://www.businesseurope.eu/ and this way CEA and its members have direct contact with European employers. It is through this initiative that the Dean of the University College was included in the work of the Advisory Committee for Vocational Education and Training of the Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission, and today actively participates in the work of other bodies concerned with the development strategy of the educational system in Croatia.

International Institute for Software Economics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship IISEIE, Croatian branch

Udruga za softversku ekonomiju, inovacije i poduzetništvo IISEIE ogranak Hrvatska logotip

IISEIE and Algebra concluded an agreement regarding the cooperation in the organization and implementation of educational and professional work in the field of computing and promotion of initiatives of mutual interest. The cooperation which is the subject of the agreement is primarily realized in order to promote the quality of higher education and adult education in the field of technical sciences, especially in the field of computing. IISEIE is an association engaged in promotion, encouragement, development and improvement of the local economy based on software, software innovation and software entrepreneurship through transfer of knowledge, promotion and implementation of research, organization of supporting educational facilities and promotion of ethical practices in the disciplines of software entrepreneurship.
IISEIE is an international organization (http://www.iiseie.org/) that operates through 7 regional centers and covers the following regions: Asia Pacific, Central and East Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, West Europe and North America. Through its work and many activities, the organization contributes to the development of software entrepreneurship and information technology in the broader sense. Through the agreement with the Croatian IISEIE branch, the Algebra University College is included in the global network of institutions involved in the promotion of ICT.

Croatian Association for Project Management

The agreement concluded regarding the development and promotion of professionalization of project management in the Republic of Croatia and training of new professional staff through certification processes for project managers, in accordance with the rules of International Project Management Association (IPMA), enables the students enrolled at the Algebra University College to take international certification exams according to IPMA (http://ipma.ch/about/) standard. Through cooperation with CAPM, the Algebra University College makes direct contact with the international IPMA organization, which contributes to the development of teaching materials and contents of three courses carried out by the University College in this field. International Project Management Association is the world’s largest non-profit organization for project management consisting of national organizations such as CAPM.

Partners in Learning

Suradnici u učenju

Through cooperation with Partners in Learning association (http://ucitelji.hr/), the Algebra education group continuously works on the education of teachers of informatics and computing in primary and secondary schools in order to raise the quality of formal education system and promote digital literacy as one of the basic competences. These efforts are in consistence with the activities of Partners in Learning association which promote appropriate and purposeful use of educational technologies in all areas of education and lifelong learning for teachers and instructors. The basic activities of the association, which include Algebra University College, aim to:
• inform all interested parties about the possibilities for lifelong learning in the field of educational technologies
• promote learning at any time, place and suitable environment
• provide educational experts with insight into new technologies and facilitate their use based on good practice examples
• provide an opportunity for teachers and instructors to demonstrate modern learning and teaching methods used in their daily work