The best professional study program in Croatia


The Algebra University College has received a certificate from the Agency for Science and Higher Education which confirms that the University College successfully underwent an independent and external audit with the highest results, making it the first private institution within the Croatian education system that has been awarded this type of certificate by the authority in question. In addition, this certificate confirmed that all educational activities conducted by Algebra University College are in accordance with quality and standards applied in similar university colleges in the European Union.

In accordance with its annual work plans, the Agency for Science and Higher Education conducts periodic and external evaluations of quality assurance systems in a number of higher education institutions. These external evaluations are carried out in order to examine how higher education institutions are taking care of academic standards and quality of education, supporting the realization of their mission and achieving their goal of obtaining quality in education. The Croatian legal framework stipulates the implementation of such external audits in each accredited institution once every five years.

I am extremely proud of the quality assurance certificate awarded by the Agency for Science and Higher Education which proves the high quality of work accomplished by Algebra University College. We are one of the few higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia that has been recognized for its quality assurance system and has been awarded a certificate by the Agency for Science and Higher Education, and it makes me especially happy that we have been given the highest ratings and evaluated as the best professional study program in the Republic of Croatia. This certificate and the status of the best rated professional study program is a consequence of the dedicated work of all employees throughout the past five years and a confirmation of the quality of our institution that has been given to our students, their parents and the public. On the other hand, this is also a great obligation and motivation for further development and progress ” (Dean of Algebra University College, Mislav Balković, MSc).

In the above table taken out of the report issued by the Agency for Science and Higher Education, we can see the results of external quality assurance system audits that have been conducted up to now. The procedures were carried out primarily at institutions that made significant progress in the development of quality assurance and the result achieved by the Algebra University College is thus more valuable. Possible ratings of the development level of the 7 standards are evaluated according to preliminary, initial, developed and advanced phases (4 levels in total), together with additional 3 intermediate levels, while the colors in the table identify quality scores, whereby the green color indicates a higher level of quality.