Career Centre

The times in which higher education institutions were mainly interested in conducting classes and during which the university management was mainly interested in how to assign teachers to existing courses are long behind us. Modern educational institutions in countries positioned at the top of the world competitiveness rankings provide multi-layered functional links between students and their careers, education, economy and long-term national development strategy. This strategic orientation lies at the core of the Algebra University College business model.

The development of each of our students’ careers is provided through our Career Centre which functions as the basic meeting point between students, University College and employers. The Career Centre is available as the main source of information for prospective students who are reflecting on their studies and offers further support during the process of enrolment. During their study at the Algebra University College, the Career Centre performs an advisory role in all areas that are necessary for students: assistance and support for successful studying, professional psychological help, organization of supplementary and additional classes, planning and realization of internships, career counseling and consultations on further academic development and employment assistance.