Applications for international students applying to higher educational institution for the first time, as well as applications for transferring international students (who currently study in other University) are both submitted by filling out the application form on our web page.

International candidate who is not applying based on the Croatian national secondary school leaving examination needs to submit all documentation necessary for application at the latest before taking the entrance exam and must attach a certified copy or submit the original document and one uncertified copy of:

  • national secondary school leaving examination diploma from his/hers national educational system or secondary education diploma;
  • certificate of citizenship, birth certificate and copy of personal identity card;
  • certificates of all years of secondary school finished;

In order to receive potential scholarships and tuition fee reductions, candidates would be potentially interested to submit also (if they have):

  • diploma, certificate or credentials related to the professional specialization completed within the field of the study program (if student has such diplomas or certificates);
  • confirmation that the candidate has been employed in the relevant field issued by the employer (if candidate was already employed)