Calendar of classes

The academic year consists of two semesters. The so-called winter semester starts at the end of September or beginning of October and the summer semester starts after the winter examination period in February. Each semester consists of 15 weeks of classes and a total of 5 weeks of examination periods. After the eight weeks of classes, the first mid-term exams will be held for two weeks. The fifteenth week of classes will be followed by the second mid-term examination period and corrective examination periods.

The autumn examination period awaits you before the end of the study year and will be held for four weeks. More information on mid-term exams and examination schedules can be found below.

The best path to success is to gradually pass courses through mid-term exams. Take advantage of this opportunity and don’t leave everything for the end of the semester!

Accurate information about the weeks with classes, weeks with mid-term exams and examination weeks as well as public holidays and non-working days can be found in the Academic calendar.