Sports and recreation

Algebra University College takes care of the organization and preparation for successful performance of its students at sports competitions organized by the University of Zagreb Sports Federation as well as of other sports activities of students.
We continuously participate in competitions in five-a-side soccer and quite often in basketball.

Traditionally, every spring we organize University College Sports games with students of particular sub-specializations and study programs as rivals which results in a heated and tense atmosphere.

One of our development goals is to increase sports activities at the University College with the aim of motivating students for sports. During a particular academic year, sports activities are realized based on the interest of students and usually include soccer, basketball, volleyball and other activities (skiing, chess, beach volleyball, bowling, badminton,…) which are organized in the form of tournaments and organized athletic performances. These activities are supported by the University College Commissioner for Sports, our colleague Iva Vunarić ( or phone 01 5808 313).

Algebra University College has ensured free use of Megaton sports hall for all its students (Prešernova bb – entrance from Cankareva Street).

Sports activities