The Algebra University College offers 3 specialized professional graduate study programs – Study program in Applied Computer Engineering with 4 sub-specializations – Software Engineering, System Engineering, Data, Game Development, Study program in Digital Marketing and e-Leadership MBA study program.

Specialized professional graduate study programs of the Algebra University College are a clear response to the needs of employers in Croatia and European Union in the field of computing, digital marketing, business administration and management through the use of digital technology. In 2014, when we conducted a research on the preferred level of employees in the field of digital technology for the first time, employers expressed a clear need for employees with graduate degrees. When employing a candidate for a position in digital marketing, more than half of employers (52%) who participated in the research conducted by web portal stated they expected the candidates to have completed graduate study programs. During the same year, the results of a large annual survey on employment in ICT sector in Croatia demonstrated that 48% of employers required new candidates to possess master’s degrees. Through compulsory and elective courses, specialized professional graduate study programs of the Algebra University College enable specialization in areas such as e-commerce, development and modeling of 3D digital content, development of computer games, development of applications for mobile devices, advanced programming techniques, data warehousing and business intelligence, advanced network technology and computer security, forensics and cryptography, geoinformation systems, e-learning, use of big data for marketing purposes, network analysis, legal and ethical aspects of digital marketing projects.