Student mobility


The aim of study visits:

  • acquisition of new experience in the field of education, language and culture,
  • promotion of international cooperation between higher education institutions,
  • development of highly qualified staff with international experience in education,
  • easier way to acknowledge periods of mobility and transfer of ECTS credits.

Duration of study visits: 3 to 12 months.

Courses attended and passed by students during their study visits abroad will be acknowledged by the home institution. If the course passed at the foreign university matches, according to its program, any of the courses held at the home institution, the course will be acknowledged as being passed at the home institution.


The aim of student internships:

  • adaption to specific labor market requirements in different countries,
  • development of specific skills in education,
  • better understanding of the economies and societies of various countries through work experience.

Duration of student internships: 2 to 12 months

Students can apply at the University College which is responsible for the selection of students who receive support.