Mongolian delegation of professional representatives visited Algebra University College

Mongolian delegation of professional representatives visited Croatia on Wednesday May 24 2017 within an international project „Support of Mongolian Technical and Vocational and Educational Training Sector“ which is financing construction of Mongolian qualification framework from the European Union funds. Within the visit to the Republic of Croatia, representatives of educational institutions and Ministry of Education of Mongolia visited several Croatian public institutions as well as a private, University College Algebra. While staying at University College Algebra, representatives of Mongolian delegation attended a lecture of PhD Mislav Balković, the dean of the University College Algebra, about experiences in establishing Croatian qualification framework. Mr. Balković participated in making and establishing almost every element of CQF (from the CQF law to bylaws, instructions and methodologies of drafting standards of occupation and qualification standards) and at the moment he is a president of a Sectoral Council for Electrical Engineering and Computing that was founded just under the Law on the CQF. This meeting was also used for conversations about future bilateral cooperation between Mongolian higher education institutions and University College Algebra.